Naira Oganesyan is talented portrait photographer. Born in Taganrog, she now lives and works in Moscow and Barcelona, and travels a lot. This winter she made a project "The beauty of mixed blood". Her other works are available on website.

Last four years Naira was frequently visiting Kazakhstan for making photo-sessions. "Every time I come here I see a real diversity of unique faces, so that I decided to capture them and share with other people. That is how the idea of "KZ Faces" project was born. The aim of the project is to show many different types and facial features of Kazakh citizens".

Banu, 21

Les Roches University Graduate

Faridahon, 20

Founder of @cookarachapantsstore

Aruzhan, 30


Aizhan, 29

Interior designer



Danara, 31

Tea business specialist

Zaure, 26

CEO of

Elmira, 24


Lesya, 26

Early child development specialist

Ayala, 25


Katrin, 26

Founder of

Asiya, 21


Aigerim, 26

Mining specialist

Zarina, 23

Founder of "ZB wear" brand

Aida, 22

Art critic

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