Top-7 hostels of Almaty: cozy, comfy and fun

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Da HostelDa Hostel

Address: Mukhamedzhanov st. (former Turgen), 33,  to the east of Zhetysu Street

Price: from 2000 to 4500 tenge, depending on the rooms

Da Hostel is located in a quiet area of ​​the city where you can relax from the noisy Almaty streets. No worries, the underground station "Raiymbek" and the bus stops are nearby, so getting to the center will not be a problem. Anyway, it's Almaty - you can catch a taxi anywhere, anytime.

The hostel provides four comfortable bedrooms - shared eight-bedded and the two bed private rooms with their own bathroom and cable TV.

By the way, there's free Wi-Fi. The sizes of the lounge-room and the kitchen are only encouraging. Administrators guarantee security with the security post with guards and 24-hour video surveillance. For drivers there is a parking lot.

Sky HostelSky Hostel

Address: Kurmangazy st, 107

Price: from 3500 to 13000 tenge, depending on the rooms

Sky Hostel, on the contrary, is located in the very center of the city, 10 minutes away from the "Baikonur" station. You can live either in common rooms or all alone, if you are, for example, an introvert. By the way, breakfast is included into the price - these words always make the heart beat faster.

Wi-Fi, TV, parking and daily room cleaning. The staff speaks three languages - Russian, English and German. You can't bring your cats and dogs though.

BAZA Hostel BAZA Hostel 

Address: Kaldayakov st, 17

Price: from 2000 to 4000 tenge, depending on the rooms

Eco-tourists! BAZA Hostel is a perfect choice for you - they will give you a tent, and if you ask them well, a flashlight. The hostel occupies the building of the former printing plant, so the area is huge, the ceilings are six meters high, and the building's history gives you vibes.

They offer you two options - you can live with 22 people in a common room, communicate, learn something new, or live alone or with your friend. Kitchen, lounge room, laundry, and even a reading room - everything is here for your convenience.

Alma Cinema Alma Cinema Hostel

Address: Karmysova st, 72/1 (near Kazakhstan hotel)

Price: 2500 - 9000 tenge

Who wants to live in Hogwarts? Or to travel with Jack Sparrow? What about Game of Thrones vibes? The Alma Cinema Hostel provides its visitors with a taste of their favorite films with the original design of each room. They built even a bungalow - the hobbit's house for the fans of "The Lord of the Rings".

Loco HostelLoco Hostel

Address: Radostovets, st, 152D / 1

Price: from 2500 to 9000 tenge

The hostel provides four-bedded and double bed rooms. This hostel is designed for active tourists who want to discover every corner of the city. The administration can help with the organization of tours around Almaty: from simple free walks around the city to mountain climbing with a guide. Also they can help with renting skis and bicycles. The staff speaks Russian and English. If you ask in advance, you can come with your favorite pet.

L.E.S. Hostel

L.E.S. Hostel

Address: Furmanov st, 193

Price: from 8000 tenge

The hostel is located on the New Republic Square. The location is excellent - there are many shops, cafes, bars and shopping centers nearby.

L.E.S Hostel is one of the most popular on, and its rooms are booked for several months. There is a library, a bar, a games room, and you can get a diet menu if you ask.

Ark ShatyrArk Shatyr hostel Almaty

Address: Satpayev st, intersection of Dostyk Ave.

Price: 2500 - 6000 tenge

Completely new hostel is located next to the popular shopping and entertainment center "Dostyk-Plaza", one block to the north from the Republic Palace. The design of the hostel is more like a cozy apartment. There are two types of rooms - one is a common room for 12 people, another - a double room. Ceiling height windows and even a jacuzzi - Ark Shatyr declares its 'premium' class. By the way, the official site is available only in English.

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