In Search of Tofu: Vegan and Vegetarian Places in Almaty

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In Search of Tofu: Vegan and Vegetarian Places in Almaty

Kazakhstan's eating culture, like that of its Central Asian counterparts, is dominated by meat. To a certain degree, this national phenomenon is a derivation of Kazakhstan's nomadic past, but that is not to say that the nation isn't evolving. Indeed, in recent years the rapidly developing country has encountered many new trends, including the meat-free movement.


Govinda’s Vegetarian Cafe

Govinda’s is a perfect mix of delicious and affordable food. Moreover, its business lunch is quite cost-effective as it includes rice, Dal soup, two different types of vegetable ragu, and Chapati. Although Govinda focuses on Indian cuisine, it differs from its Indian counterparts in that its menu is entirely meat-free — a rarity for Kazakhstan.

Address: Abylai Khan Avenue 39

Contact: +7 (727) 271 3235

The GreenHouse

An embodiment of healthy and appetizing food, The GreenHouse is an excellent choice for vegetarians and anyone who wishes to fuel their body with healthful meals. A part of its public appeal is that it cleverly takes a typical «junk food» and transforms it into something much more nutritious. Indeed, the vegan/vegetarian bar makes alimental cakes, cupcakes, doner Kebab, and more. Beyond that, the bar also provides a seven-day detox program for those wanting to shed some pounds or simply rid their body of toxins.

Address: Dostyk Avenue 341

Contact: +7 (701) 788 5188

Image: The GreenHouse

Indian (Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly)

Spice Mantra

Offering Indian, Chinese, and Thai food, Spice Mantra's options will captivate any member of the meat-free campaign. Some vegetarian starters are vegetable-based patties and Tikkas. Meanwhile, there are many vegetarian main courses like classic Masala, Curry, and Paneer. Of course, traditional Indian tea is also offered.

Address: Zheltoksan Street 148

Contact: +7 (707) 190 3036

Thali Restaurant

Perhaps, the greatest thing about Thali's mouth-watering menu is that it is Indian with elements of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Some of its picturesque dishes are a Quinoa Tabbouleh, Roasted Eggplant with Hummus, and Potato and Pea Samosas. What's more is that the Thali's style is quite modern, helping to create an interesting ambiance that is a product of both the restaurant's food offerings and design.

Address: Zheltoksan Street 160

Contact: +7 (777) 301 5555

Image: Thali

Tandoor Restaurant

Thankfully, Tandoor’s menu is large enough to provide a diversity of options for every diet, vegetarian included. There are over ten varieties of Indian Naan Bread, from plain to stuffed with potatoes. The restaurant’s most popular items are vegetable fried rice, different curries, and more.

Address: Tole Bi Street 102

Contact: +7 (707) 388 9933

Image: Tandoor

Great Tofu

Hawker Chan

Having acquired the title of being the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world, Chef Chan started cooking Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle in Chinatown Complex Food Center in 2009. Since then, the new Chinese classic rapidly gained worldwide prominence, even making its way here to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Certainly, Chan’s iconic image is an offspring of its chicken, but that is not to say that its other menu items aren’t equally as good. Indeed, its Thai Tofu is a must for vegan and vegetarian enthusiasts, but also anyone willing to have a delicious meal.

Address: Dostyk Plaza Food Court | Mega Center Food Court

Contact: +7 (701) 111 5050

Image: Hawker Chan


Green Bean

The beauty of this online store is that it specializes in vegetarian produce — an uncommon phenomenon in this part of the globe. Their selection is incredible: BioFoodLab, Dr. Korner, Mygranola, and thirty-five other brands are available for purchase. Thanks to Green Bean’s large assortment, its products range anywhere from flaxseed crackers to green buckwheat and hemp protein powder.

Contact: +7 (701) 214 2014


Given that this online store specializes in healthy, natural, and organic products, it is an undoubtedly great supplier for vegans, vegetarians, and truly any devotee of the health and sustainability movements. What's more, their food items are carefully selected by experts in the nutrition field. Indeed, any online buyer can receive a free consultation regarding which items will best fit their diet, lifestyle, any personal goals. Perhaps, this unique feature is why the website often attracts athletes, diabetics, and other individuals who require carefully tailored meals. Ecofriendly offers various kinds of nut butter, Bite bars, and many other groceries.

Contact: + 7 (771) 580 8069 | +7 (708) 220 7323


Tofu is a type of cheese, soy cheese to be precise, which has gained immense popularity in recent years. Its rapid success story is not surprising given that the bean curd is packed with protein and all nine essential amino acids. By its very nature, the bean curd has become the basis of meat-free diets. Thankfully, Tsoy has embarked on an important mission to supply tofu to Kazakhstan's market. Tsoy's tofu can be found in «Stolichnyi».

Contact: +7 (727) 383 1541 | +7 (705) 800 3118

In-Store and Online

Jagannath Market

Jagannath sells a variety of nutritious foods that are vegan and vegetarian friendly, as anticipated. Their products do not only come in charming jars and bottles that one would refuse to throw out, but their ingredients are packed with healthful elements. From 100% vegan hummus to soy-based blinis and schnitzel, one thing is clear: their options are limitless. Moreover, a popular brand in their assortment is VolkoMolko. Some of VolkoMoloko’s products that are available at Jagannath are peanut and hazelnut milk, as well as seven different types of vegan cheese, including a very special one for pizza making.

Address: Turkebaev Street 143

Contact: +7 (707) 301 9900 | +7 (727) 301 9929

Image: Jagannath Market

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